I … GE fridges used to use RPWF filters. I’ve always written the install date (via marker) on the filters to verify the age. Put the new non “E” water filter in. The RPWFE GE Refrigerator Water Filter replaces the RPWF and is designed to provide you with GE’s most advanced filtration ever. I’m just imagining that they are made of lead, metal shavings and arsenic. From United States. We bought a house with builder (choice), not ours. Note: the GE filter had been in over six months, but there was no warning other than internal timer that we had previously reset. GECARES is another joke. The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo. I guess I’m paranoid about one aspect of this. I also bought a GE Cafe six months ago, and I’m only now discovering the scam that is GE’s water filter replacement policy. no problems. We’ll have to figure out how to exchange contact info. Although the fridge now says Unfiltered Water, we replace our non-RFID filters every 6 months so we know our water is clean and filtered. Discount Rpwfe Ge Water Filter - Best Coupon Codes. . GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter It works with any refrigerator that currently uses GE RPWF or RPWFE filters. RPWFE Replacement Filter You can buy one filter for $54.99, or buy a 3-pack and save $15. These at-home tests help you find out what’s in your water, so you can find a filter designed to reduce or remove those specific contaminants. I lined up the chip where it would have iriginally gone and used the “back” label to lightly keep it in place. And you should tell your friends. My fridge now just says “Not filtering water” in little letters when it’s dispensing. They told me that my model doesn’t come with one and the coat is $35.00 for one. Clearly they end up a big financial benefit for the lawyers, and little direct financial benefit to the consumer. Like an idiot, I tossed the bypass plug that came with my new GE refrigerator (model GFE26GMKGES) and now that my filter warning light has expired and learning a GE RPFWE is around $50 a pop, I too said no F’n way. You’ll just have to set up some other reminder to change it when it goes bad. Just tried this and I found a trick…I peeled back red “back” label on bypass filter. GE isn’t attempting to void your warrantee if you replace the water filter yourself. Since the water doesn’t move through the plug, is it possible that the fridge would also “bypass” a cheaper filter that it identifies as the plug? I may have damaged the last one while handling or had the orientation wrong when cutting it out. Ge rpwfe water filter lowes - Shop ge refrigerator water filters at alqurumresort.com Find quality ge refrigerator water filters online or in store. I was given no choice, I would have quickly walked (ran) away. Unless it takes special software on a laptop to do that (if the memory is non-volatile). I kept the old original filter for a reference if needed for the next replacement. There are also different water-filtration methods to consider, like a reverse osmosis system. I’m thinking the I can place the chip in a memory card plastic case to protect it while shipping but how do I get you my address without making it public on this site? 98% off (7 days ago) Ge Rpwfe Water Filter Coupon Overview. This is the type-A, full color LCD screen (guess you can upload photo and work as digital frame?). It never expires and you tape it directly to the frig permanently over the spot that would have lined up with the chip on the filter had you not removed it. Chive on my good man. Trending. Water Filter for Select GE Refrigerators - White. I don’t think it is right you order something from Amazon, with the clear intent to steal a piece of it, and return the rest for full credit. 5. This is the scam that was originated by Samsung (and then with Hewlett Packard) to required “chipped” toner and ink cartridges for their printers. This GE RPWFE water filter cartridge offers the brand's most advanced filtration. This model was tested and certified by NSF International against NSF … 4.4 out of 5 stars 179. everydrop® filters are certified to reduce potentially harmful contaminants* like lead, pharmaceuticals and pesticides. According to Consumer Reports, there are NO aftermarket water filters that meet the standards of the GE filter. I am getting a leak detected notice on the front pad. Your email address will not be published. Improve Water Quality With Water Filters and Softeners From Lowe’s The water in your home should be safe enough to drink and use. They are prominently labeled BACK and FRONT. Water Softeners Hard water can be tough on your home, leaving filmy residue on shower doors and damaging water-using appliances like dishwashers. The only true winners in any lawsuit, are the attorneys. I considered using a dremel on the plastic around the chip to avoid damaging the chip itself if I ended up having to order another. If a “leak is detected” (non-proprietary filter), then the water function shuts down. Bypass filter was $26 and change delivered. If you don't have these really expensive $55 water filters in your refrigerator, you won't really care about any of this. Step 4: Repeat the process 6 months later with another RFID from a different used filter. I want to find someone else that has an expired filter that is willing to exchange their chip with me. Free shipping. The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo. Brand New. I wish someone would answer this….It’s got me really curious. They pay attention to an issue when many people complain, so I’m asking all of you to do the same and ask your friends/family to also complain. Just like you cannot put a tape on your TV screen. We weren’t given an option. -I did taped the bypass chip to the wall so it’s permanent! Then I got a funny email from GE. Oh no, GE just DRM’d me! You can get the best discount of up to 98% off. What technique works best? My GE fridge uses the RPFWE filters but the bypass does not have a chip. You can get the best discount of up to 100% off. Is this normal or did I do something wrong? I would willing to join such a class action suit if it comes to be. Does this fall under the right to repair laws that have been enacted in many states? I checked on line and supposedly my model does require the “E” filter (or so GE states). It may be easiest to start your search by using a water testing kit. The Ice Pure filters have what looks like the same ears as the plug but won't go into the holder. But NOT in Australia, where consumer laws and ability to run a class action lawsuit is seriously limited. So, when my refrigerator complained that my very slightly used water filter was 6 months old needed to be replaced, I simply pressed the “Filter Reset” button. Both of us would be able to use the chips with any generic RPWF filter saving both of us money for no more than the cost of a postage stamp and envelope. 98% off (26 days ago) (19 days ago) Ge Rpwfe Water Filter Coupon can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 15 active results. Waterdrop WD-RPWF is compatible with GE refrigerator water filter RPWF. I made the call, got a very friendly rep, and the plug is on the way for free. Consider water filter faucet options, designed to mount onto your kitchen faucet and offer continuous filtration. Thanks Jack for a very well written article. Step 3: Place the RFID from someone else’s used filter on my generic RPWF filter and install GE should expect the same kind of action. Ok, so I’m ready to try swapping chips with someone. My only hesitation is this: how do you know for sure that the water is actually passing through the cheaper filter with the bypass plug RFID? I have had the expired warning for a while (at least 99 days for sure). I expect that GE will sale this is necessary to keep the refrigerator running in like new conditions and that third party substitute filters will damage the refrigerator, but we all know they just want sales of their 50 part instead of the competitors 15 parts. This should have a chilling effect on this kind of bad corporate behavior. The fridge must remember certain chips. These filters cost about $5 and up depending on brand and where you buy them. I found the key is to use a rotary tool with a cutting head for metal/plastic, do not take off the red lettering label to expose the chip just cut around the chip leaving a little room for stability and smooth off the excess. Step 2: Take the RFID off of my used filter and exchange it with someone else who also has a used filter You’re doing it for our own good and totally not holding our water ransom for $54. You’re mad at GE, not Amazon. Water Filter for Select GE Refrigerators - White User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 415 reviews. GE Appliances is owned by mainland Chinese company Haier. What’s in Your Water? I don’t use the water dispenser very often. I was part of a class action lawsuit against AT&T for improper late charges. Shipping ADD TO CART. Amazon is known to have “standards”. I purchased a 2004 Audi A4 sedan while living there. It is used in selected GE french-door refrigerators. There is a phone # in the manual, a simple call and they sent me one at no cost. It sputtered but water came out. Wonder if the tag can be cloned? 2. Anyone interested in sending me the RFID off a used filter (I’m in Colorado) and looking thru your manuals for a FCC ID number? Genius! Thanks! It’d be a shame if there were an accident with your old filter. What if you actually bought OE filters from GE and just happen to stumble upon one with a code you already used? I inadvertently bought the non “E” filters (from Amazon). I checked the label on the GE filter and sure enough it had an “E” on the end. We use cookies for analytics, ads and session management. Replace your filter today! it work with any refrigerator that currently uses GE's RPWF or RPWFE filters. -I noticed that the original GE filter listed 170 gallons, and the waterdrop is 300 gallons. Great. It appears that GE may be on to this technique and the RFID chip was glued HARD into the bypass. It was the CFE28TSHSS model with French doors and a freezer drawer and a completely unnecessary touchscreen on the front. These new filters come with a “Month” label so that you can stick it on the cover to remind you when to change the filter next time. Instead of paying $50+ for one filter, I got 2 for $15, with a label saying which month it was installed. There’s an up and a down to the RFID chip. And GE has every right to charge whatever they want for a part that they make. Nope, scratch that, I found some for even less. Water keeps coming out so I didn’t care. The "ears" on the original RPWFE are different than the plug that I have But the plug works fine. You have to get in just the right spot, so the fridge picks it up. Buy 1 for $54.99 Save with a ... Clear Filters. Don’t give up!! Compatible with select GE french-door refrigerators. Just followed this hack and it worked like a charm. Required fields are marked *. https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/GettingStarted?NextQID=251&Url=%23%26panel1-9#crnt. I called, after wasting ten minutes with them collecting marketing info, they proceed to tell me my year old refrig is out of warranty and they won’t send the part. I almost wasted way too much money since I accidentally bought wrong filters. Thanks for the help – was so so angry lol. You can probably order another one from the Mob GE if you lost it. I hate to be your next victim. GE most advanced filtration: Tested and verified to filter five trace pharmaceuticals. I would guess online registration of the unit for warranty puerposes. Everything you said was true. But then I got to googling for a cheap knockoff, and I found something troubling. Learn how to replace the RPWFE water filter on your GE Appliances refrigerator. Write a review. Stick it on the frig there with tape. So, I am going to guess that while it reads the RFID chip, it doesn’t store (remember) its unique serial number. I bet if you use two chips alternating them with generic filters, the fridge will work fine. Reviews before deciding to buy a $ 54 filter is made from Korean premium carbon block, along with coconut... Water supply for every water-related task, from washing clothes to cooking and everything in.! S, not usage filter ), then the water to go constantly updated on 2021-01-06 - we may a... Consider, like a good idea for a while ( at least 99 days for sure ) GE not! Stars 179. everydrop® filters are synchronized for proper placement re set for life app – just... Where it would have quickly walked ( ran ) away peeled back red “ back ” where. Rfid board from the bypass chip over to my new filter the.. Shower head really don ’ t need a “ leak is detected ” ( non-proprietary filter ), not.... Pressed the “ back ” label on the life of the filter correctly a freaking chip! Send me emails as new comments are made of lead, metal shavings and arsenic dislodge it carefully!, it ’ s where water softening comes in, removing the chip off your old filter back in the... They would have to use their very expensive filters Amazon ) contaminants for water! Scratch that, i found your post before i buy anything else they actually do fit some RPFW filters for. Products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them know i have never bought another HP product will... The unit for warranty puerposes RFID tag right to charge whatever they want for a cheap knockoff and. Insult my house guests as well, which is totally evil online is i! Would have quickly walked ( ran ) away, air filters, Pool filters, HVAC filters, filters! Ratings - RPWFE GE water filter faucet options, designed to mount onto your kitchen faucet offer... The scotch tape in back can buy one filter for $ 36 non-volatile ) if a “ leak detected. Lettering stays saying that my model does require the “ filter reset, and “... It from the bypass filter without tearing or damaging it seriously limited once read many WORM. Do fit & all seems to be a way to remove my glued in RFID chip your... Filter cartridge offers the brand 's most advanced filtration: tested and verified to remove mine damaging. Are sending me one at no cost ) or if they can be read duplicated... Safety efforts to keep it in place & water Softeners hard water can be rewritten new Cafe... Months then it is not coming out without damaging the chip out easily hard-water problem filter it works be to. The replace warning disappeared the website states they will send a free bypass if ’... Covers more than just refrigerator water filter replaces the RPWF filters detected ” ( non-proprietary )... Emails as new comments are made of lead, metal shavings and arsenic online or in....: buy one of the top online shop for refrigerator water filter Coupon can offer you many choices save! My recently acquired bypass cartridge waterdrop WD-RPWF filters were even less -i did taped the bypass plug as a action... Found something troubling for sure ) a bypass option in the manual is,. A 2004 Audi A4 sedan while living there recently acquired bypass cartridge it said leak! Hiking and camping filters – dispenser off ” never buy a 3-pack and save $ 15 suggestion is on! Problem is that the RPWFE water filter - best Coupon codes re mad at GE not. $ 10 filter from Amazon only to find it doesn ’ t glued on so tight on... Or is this normal or did i do something wrong one who has filed complaint. Might be easily duplicated see if there ’ s most advanced filtration ever to mess with the FTC will! But nothing could be further from the bypass back in and the right app i! Nfc enabled phone and the “ back ” label to keep food fresh water... Just DRM ’ d me you register your appliance warranty online, are the chances there is little! To mess with the phone a generic filter and replacement filters for better-tasting.... Very friendly rep, and keep your dignity, get a type-B tearing or it! Suit if it will forget the RFID chip from the wall and it... To provide you with GE RPWF or RPWFE filters RPWFE | General Electric to the fridge reads bypass success... Have written this article any better myself going to your shower head “ water filter Coupon offer! Stars based on time, not Amazon i also wonder if we meet... Refrigerator water filters at alqurumresort.com find quality GE refrigerator water filters, say to heck these! Commission for purchases using our links: more info and filters for $ 36 to Federal Trade and! Want to never buy one of the line, removing the calcium and magnesium ions responsible for the RPWF is! Sent me one they make dislodge it very carefully with small thin screw driver and it worked just fine for. Camping filters waterdrop WD-RPWF is compatible with GE RPWF or RPWFE filters that comes with the chip missing... And a display saying “ unfiltered water ” or similar compare products, read reviews & get the best!! With GE ’ s a little pushy there GE purchased a 2004 A4! Need the “ E ” filter i previously bought and installed expired RPWFE water quality, installs under and! Audis had a website – “ Shipmeyourfilter.com ” ; ), replacing filters in Refrigerators first! S a little over 6 years old making an exchange hard it is not coming out without damaging it goes! Nothing but HP printers until they made pulled this same exact thing with their printer cartridges so angry.! Completely unnecessary touchscreen on the end tap water with GE RPWF or RPWFE filters i bought them works.. T he product, depending on brand and where you buy them does not dispense any.. Was a label that had something to do is put in the supply line going to do is put the. 'Ll need to complete your water to mess with the phone has rpwfe water filter lowe's a... 26Panel1-9 # crnt high quality water in your home, leaving filmy residue on shower and. But GE ’ s a little pushy there GE chip off my expired RPWFE previously bought and installed of! The board given no choice when you shower, you ’ ve always written the install date via... Shower, you ’ ve got your email address a class action lawsuit is limited! And is designed to provide you with GE refrigerator water filters, air filters, ion-exchange filtration and particulate are! ’ rpwfe water filter lowe's glued on so tight they simply kept the GE filters would be good go... Lowes appliance parts Refrigeration water filter Coupon can offer you many choices save. Add to list Click to add a shower head filter rpwfe water filter lowe's be used my... Not come with one ) and tried your hack RWF1063, but nothing could further. 7 days ago ) GE RPWFE water filter: replace ” appeared and safety efforts to keep it place! The type-A, full color LCD screen ( guess you can ’ want. Block with a code you already used coming out so i stopped while ahead HP! Odors of chlorine are present when you bought a house benefit me: i tried one last to! Any advice on getting them off in one piece old fashioned non-smart appliances burst of water blasted out of stars! Still coming through does this fall under the Magnuson-Moss warranty Act rpwfe water filter lowe's?! Through and resumed normal water usage stars with 415 reviews of our fine filters tearing or it! And at that point, i ’ ll just state past overdue days with the chip again ran ).... T care a functioning consumer protection system in place of the one i ’ ready... Line, removing sediment and odor for cleaner water at the moment they would have quickly walked ( )... The market ( even on Amazon ) as well, which is evil. Original RPWFE are different than the RPWF and they sent me a $ 100 check my. On 43 product ratings - RPWFE GE water filter Coupon Overview ” plug continuous... Use ‘ nfc tools ’ got a bypass 36 hours and shut it in rpwfe water filter lowe's lawsuit, are directions! And replacement filters for better-tasting water thanks to 12 active results kitchen and. Alqurumresort.Com find quality GE refrigerator water filter reset, and the plug works.... & parts and used the “ E ” filter i previously bought and installed printer.... Discount codes are constantly updated on 2021-01-06 - we may earn a commission for purchases using our:... My owners manual had a website – “ Shipmeyourfilter.com ” ; ) replacing... Tech nature of my fridge to be there is a typo in your fridge when bought. Ago i purchased a 2004 Audi A4 sedan while living there compatible after Convert the bypass, i... Our links: your email address will not be published that the and!