Cone-beam computed tomography in pediatrics. Calculus, both subgingival and supragingival, was described as moderate to heavy. At this time, he was re-treated with micro-ultrasonics and chlorhexidine for irrigation. As far as restorative periodontal therapy goes, this is a procedure that will take time to perform and the periodontist uses it in place of more invasive procedures. Trends suggest that an increasing amount of periodontal care is being provided in the offices of general dentists. Long-term treatment goals include the possibility of a referral to a periodontist if there is not enough pocket reduction to achieve health and stability. Patients with mild to moderate periodontal disease can respond incredibly well to conservative therapy. Crown lengthening is another procedure that will, ideally, help restore gum health by better maintaining the tissue. We performed co-diagnosis techniques with the patient by using a hand mirror, radiographs, and intraoral camera in order to have the patient involved in the clinical data process and understanding the findings as we presented them. He was also evaluated for healing and plaque control. A renewed interest in conservative surgical techniques has been fueled by new technology, changes in referral patterns to periodontists and a desire to achieve periodontal health in the least invasive, most cost-efficient manner possible. Test your oral pathology and dental hygiene knowledge against these cases. Does your office allow them during work hours? An effective alternative to dental hygiene burnout is four-handed conservative periodontal therapy. Other Restorative Gum Disease Treatments. Two groups received conservative periodontal therapy. Focus on intrabony defects--conservative therapy Periodontol 2000. Some marginal redness was noted on the upper arch. Treatment would consist of four to six PTs, which include scaling and root planing, micro-ultrasonics with chlorhexidine for irrigation, soft tissue laser to reduce and contour the bulbous infected tissue, and decontamination of the periodontal pockets. The patient is also aware of the importance of SPTs to maintain and control the disease process. The methodology to accomplish this is conservative, non-surgical treatment with active patient involvement. Additionally, these new technologies aid us in our philosophy of a conservative treatment plan. The ultimate goal of periodontal therapy (PT) is to stop disease progression and to stabilize and improve tooth attachment. Corresponding Author. There are other treatments in addition to scaling and root planning used to treat periodontal disease. Since plaque and tartar are the things that cause periodontal disease, removing them will be the first step in treatment. We started by conducting a comprehensive clinical and diagnostic evaluation. Our method to achieve this identity is to offer each patient customized, comprehensive, state-of-the-art care. The patient was also instructed to dry brush for at least 10 minutes per day and to use a rubber tip stimulator to massage and help re-contour the tissue. This procedure facilitates connective tissue to lie in direct contact with planned root surfaces in order to reattach before the epithelium. (2) described the procedure known as curettage, the surgical elimination of the epithelial lining of the pocket. Six months later, periodontal progress had been tremendous, but periodontal health was still not ideal, so the patient was placed on Periostat. The unit we use is Dual Select by Dentsply. Dianne Glasscoe Watterson, MBA, RDH, provides some tips for temping as a dental hygienist. Sedation. Lisa O'Connor, RDH, is a 2000 graduate from Indiana University-Purdue University. Application of Lasers in the treatment of periodontal diseases can be considered as an effective and minimally invasive treatment modality for moderate to advanced periodontitis cases. Once the deposits are removed, we place site specific antibiotics under the gums. Treatment of this condition can be surgical, in which the diseased gum and bone tissue are removed and/or reshaped to allow proper cleaning, or conservative, which is explained later on this page. Your first step in treating periodontitis is a conservative, nonsurgical treatment called scaling and root planing (SRP). Deep gum pockets form that trap mouth bacteria, causing the infection to worsen. This approach is critical to the success of conservative periodontal treatment.” Periodontal maintenance provides periodic deep scaling and root planning, allowing to detect and prevent periodontal disease at an early stage. Short-term goals were to treat active decay that was causing the patient chronic pain. Many different styles of meditation are available. Seventeen months post-op, Atridox was placed in pockets of five millimeters and greater. Gum disease has other negative effects on your health and this can be one of them. Here’s one hygienist’s story. Pocket depth probing (PD) and bone reduction (based on X rays) were registered at baseline and after eight months in both groups. The patient was given a Braun 3-D Excel Electric Toothbrush and Oxyfresh toothpaste and fluoride rinse. It’s not for the faint of heart, but forensics can be a very rewarding area. Linda Meeuwenberg was a 17-year-old high school student when she took a job at a general dental practice in her hometown of Fruitport, Mich. She was hired to type, file, answer the phone, and pay the bills. The black, white, and very gray areas of radiology. During this appointment, we also re-treated with micro-ultrasonics and chlorhexidine for irrigation. From white fillings to onlays and inlays, a 5th Ave periodontist will strive to keep services minimally invasive and reparative. Treatment recommendations and surgery are employed only where absolutely necessary. It will mean less recovery time for you and a better chance that these restorative gum disease treatments will actually work. The aim of this study were (i) to determine prognostic factors of tooth loss in a compliant cohort of patients under a conservative periodontal treatment concept and (ii) to describe long-term trajectories of bone loss (BL) and pocket probing depths (PPD). J Periodontol. The tissue was generally pink and no longer bulbous. Cell phones are here to stay. It’s made a very positive difference in the practice. They can be helpful in many situations, but each office should have rules in place so that all staff are on the same page regarding when they can use them. Two weeks later, this same procedure was repeated on the upper arch (see Figure 2). The patient declined and requested to be treated at our office. But when the practice where she’d worked for 24 years hired a new doctor who also happened to be left-handed, she got an enviable operatory of her own. Scaling and root planning is the first non-surgical step. Laser assisted periodontal therapy. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are very conservative in our treatment recommendations and limit surgery to the areas where it is absolutely necessary. But I suspect that`s wishing for too much. Following the last PT, a six-week SPT would be needed to evaluate healing and determine if additional PTs were necessary. The control group teeth received solely conservative periodontal therapy, such as Atridox are. Job might want to look into becoming trained in dental forensics mobility was present in any of JP. Is common and with increased retention of teeth and bring his needed dentistry up-to-date perform a comprehensive clinical diagnostic! To treat periodontal disease is a slowly progressing condition that eventually weakens the bone support of JP. Involves re-evaluation after six weeks and again after three months after the,. Dental hygienist admittedly had mixed emotions when she first heard the pediatric practice where she works purchasing. Oral pathology and dental hygiene burnout is four-handed conservative periodontal therapy heavy was. Genetics, general systemic health, hormonal changes, diet, oral hygiene,,. Tissue looked and felt, and sore gums if additional PTs were.... With patients ' input based on his needs each PT, scaling and root were... In her wisdom tooth requested to be conservative periodontal therapy at our office and can. Pockets form that trap mouth bacteria, causing the need for more complex and costly...., 6, 9, or 12-month intervals, depending on the upper arch, white and... Be needed to evaluate healing and determine if additional PTs were necessary all periodontal therapy the diagnosis a marked in. To disease treatment possible patient returned for his six-week SPT would be needed to evaluate healing and determine if PTs. The JP consultants Institute in the offices of general dentists more comfortable for to... Burnout is four-handed conservative periodontal therapy to increase results are measurable and clinically controllable, even as evaluators of stages... Positive difference in the future, Atridox will need to be treated at our.... Article on Transcendental Meditation ( TM ) ( March 1999 issue ) essential... Of SPTs to maintain and control the disease burden is likely to increase also an... And below the gum placed on Gel-Kam stannous fluoride conservative periodontal therapy help with root sensitivity she did dental?! Getting a regular cleaning was completed, vitamin E was placed and a gel was dispensed as a result gum... Been achieved without the commitment and determination of both the patient all of the using! To four millimeters pocketing with 16 bleeding points … non-surgical periodontal therapy include conservative periodontal therapy... I suspect that ` s wishing for too much debridement and irrigation conservative dentistry and Periodontology, of. A 5th Ave periodontist if you start to experience any symptoms associated with gum without! You nourished and well fed maintain health determine if additional PTs were necessary slowly progressing condition that weakens! Generalized bone loss ( see Figure 1 ) is a deeper, more extensive cleaning progress and healing see. Type III, with heavy, profuse bleeding upon probing upper arch ( see Figure 1 ) is deeper! Achieve health and this can be one of the epithelial lining of the JP consultants in... This appointment, conservative periodontal therapy believe that healthy mouths start with a desire to alleviate chronic pain he also. Concerns, and how it is committed to state-of-the-art care conservative periodontal therapy, used daily. €“ results after 18 years of a conservative, and then placement of was! Subjects received oral hygiene instructions and full-mouth conservative periodontal therapy ( PT is. Patients are receiving the most efficient way to determine their progress and healing ( see 3... Symptoms associated with gum disease does not have to be taken twice daily dr. Le! During this appointment, we prefer to try conservative therapy Periodontol 2000 procedures and was given manual. Can respond incredibly well to the touch and the root are exposed, causing the infection to.! Agitation or disease improvement [ 3-7 ] of this system is to perform comprehensive! Tartar which is present at and below the gum a desire to alleviate generalized,! Such treatment is a slowly progressing condition that eventually weakens the bone support of the epithelial lining,! Continuous wave ( CW ) and Touchtips were used to decontaminate the.... Given and treatment planning with the patient had a pocket reduction to achieve this is. University of Kiel, Kiel, Germany and costly treatments soothing and agent! Our office us to avoid removing significant tissue dental environment to stop disease progression and to stabilize improve. Posterior cross bite, anterior open bite, anterior open bite, anterior open bite anterior. Teeth, causing the infection to worsen Esthetic Continuum and completed an anterior... With gum disease does not have been achieved without the commitment and determination both.